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What can you complain about?

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Office of the Complaints Commissioner

Complaints may focus on relevant topics of maladministration such as inefficient, bad or improper administration. These terms include:


  • Bias, partiality
  • Neglect, inattention
  • Delay
  • Abuse of power
  • Incompetence, ineptitude
  • Perversity, rudeness
  • Unwillingness to treat the resident as a person with rights
  • Refusal to answer reasonable questions
  • Neglecting to inform a complainant about rights or entitlement, including appeal routes
  • Knowingly giving misleading or inadequate advice
  • Offering no redress
  • Faulty procedures
  • Failure by management to adequately monitor compliance with procedures
  • Failure to reduce the effects of rigid adherence to the letter of the law where that produces inequitable results.