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Office of the Complaints Commissioner
Elements of an Internal Complaints Process

A well-designed complaints process will inspire confidence in the process and increase the likelihood that the potential benefits will be realized.


In this section, the elements of an internal complaints process will be discussed.  Once the process has been adapted to the working environment of an individual organisation, it must be implemented and publicized.


Definition of a complaint

The organisation must work within its legislative mandate. This may limit the nature and type of complaints that can be addressed by the internal complaints process. For example, some legislation does not provide legal authority for an organisation to reconsider a decision but rather refers the matter to an appeal tribunal. However, all organisations can receive and address complaints about aspects of the delivery of the service, such as delay in providing a response or processing an application or a rude staff member.


It may be useful to gather complaints about the legislation and its effects on the public even though no immediate result can be promised.