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Making a Request

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Office of the Complaints Commissioner

If you want to request information from the OCC, you should initially research the organisation where the information is held.  This is best done by using our website,; or you can contact the OCC’s Information Manager (see the contact details above for the OCC’s Information Manager).


You must submit your request in writing (letter, email or facsimile) to the OCC.  Please be as specific as possible about the information you would like, as this will help a prompt response.  Where possible, please include a contact telephone number or email address so that you can be contacted if it is necessary to further discuss your request.


The OCC will respond to your request promptly and within 30 calendar days.  The Act does allow the OCC to extend this deadline for an additional 30 calendar days where there is reasonable cause for such an extension.  The OCC will always acknowledge receipt of FOI requests made to the above address and will let you know if the deadline needs to be extended.  For more information on procedures and timelines that apply to an information request, please visit the FOI Website.


Fees associated with a Request for Information

There is no application fee and no fee for coming to the OCC and looking at a record requested by FOI.  However, a requestor may be required to pay copying or change of format fees.  Details concerning costs and payment are contained in the FOI Regulations which are available on the FOI Unit Website.