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How can you complain?

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Office of the Complaints Commissioner

The resident must first attempt to resolve the complaint with the supervisor of the government officer involved before seeking the assistance of this Office.


Residents can come to the Complaints Commissioner's Office in Grand Cayman to register their complaint or they can make arrangements to have someone from the office meet with them. Please note that frequent visits to meet with residents of our Sister Islands is also made throughout the year. Please contact the office to inquire our next visit or to schedule an appointment.


The Office of the Complaints Commission is located on the 4th Floor Anderson Square, George Town, Grand Cayman.


The free, confidential investigation will determine if injustice has been caused to the resident by improper or unreasonable conduct, or by inadequate administration


 Fill in the complaint form and send to PO Box 2252 GT or fax to (345) 943-2221. Alternatively, you may deliver the form to the 4th Floor, Anderson Square, George Town (if on Grand Cayman).