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Office of the Complaints Commissioner

The disclosure log is updated regularly and provides details of FOI requests that we feel may have a wider public interest. Please note that the disclosure log does not list everything that has been released under FOI. Some responses consist of large numbers of documents that are not held in electronic format. Where practical, the documents concerned have been scanned and made available online via our website. In addition to a summary of the original request, the log indicates whether or not the information was released and what exemptions, if any, were applied. Where the actual reply has been reproduced, the applicant’s name and other personal details were deleted.


disclosure log:


Request Number Request Details Outcome
21381 This request for information included the following points:
  1. Had the OCC ever investigated the Mosquito Research and Control Unit (MRCU) regarding pilots “low flying”.
  2. Had the OCC ever investigated the MRCU regarding the number of complaints made to the MRCU by members of the public regarding pilots “low flying”.
  3. Had the OCC ever reviewed the MRCU “low flying” policies to see if they are accurate and fair to members of the public.
We conducted a search of our records and could verify that the OCC had not received any complaints from the public, nor had any other OCC investigations been launched against the MRCU with regard to the issues raised.
22999 This request was for this Office to provide a copy of a report relevant to an investigation conducted against the Port Authority. Request was refused:
Under the Complaints Commissioner Law (2006 Revision) s.14(2) all investigations shall be conducted in private, and the procedure is determined by the Commissioner. Section 16(1) of the Law notes that “[i]nformation obtained by the Commissioner or his officers in the course of or for the purposes of an investigation shall not be disclosed except (a) for the purposes of the investigation and of any report to be made on the investigation; (b) for the purposes of proceedings (or possible proceedings) for an offence of perjury connected with an investigation; or (c) for the purposes of any proceedings under section 15”. It may be helpful to also note that section 3(7) of The Freedom of Information Law, 2007 notes that “[n]othing in this Law shall be read as abrogating the provisions of any other Law that restricts access to records.” For further clarification on the OCC position regarding the release of information relating to written complaints, a copy of an OCC media release dated 25 March 2008 re: OCC publication of information from written complaints was included. While the request was denied, a summary of the investigation against the Port Authority was provided to the media for release on 21 December 2007 and was therefore provided to the applicant (see copy of press release below). Port Authority operations compromised – Investigation completed 5 December 2006 Poor decisions, informal procedures and maladministration were just a few of the issues revealed at the Port Authority following an OCC investigation in the wake of a complaint by a local carrier. The complaint stated that the Port Authority was failing to conduct operations in keeping with the Port Authority Law, was not holding monthly board meetings and was discriminating against carriers. While the OCC acknowledged that Hurricane Ivan had made the Port’s operations considerably more difficult, the fundamental problems were attributed to other factors. The OCC found no formal procedures for extra ordinary unloading, that the board failed to meet regularly, had made decisions that were not properly recorded and had been influenced by criticisms made by the complainant. The OCC found that the Port conducted operations on an informal basis with little official documentation of the comings and goings. As well as finding the complaint to be well founded, the Commissioner made a number of recommendations to improve and formalize Port operations. Among others, the OCC said that the Port Authority should hold regular properly minuted board meetings and that all directives should be in writing. The Commissioner also noted that any criticisms made of the Port should not be allowed to influence any of its decisions. The OCC also recommended the establishment and adherence to proper procedures for packing and the order of unloading. Since the investigation the Port has a new board of directors and has substantially complied with the recommendations.
27461 The request was for a comprehensive itemized list of our entity’s actual expenses for the budget year ending 2009 and the budget year 2008 The request was granted in full and unaudited expenses were emailed to the requestor.
31109 The request was for the relevant information pertaining to the recent interviews for the position of Complaints Analyst for the OCC which I interviewed for. I would like to get all the info about the process such as:
  1. the criteria for the short listing of candidates,
  2. panel recommendation,
  3. scores each candidate received,
  4. interview notes from the panel which were written during/after my interview,
  5. interview notes from the panel written during/after the successful applicant’s interview,
  6. the scoring sheets for me and the successful applicant,
  7. any other panel notes,
  8. resume and qualifications of the successful applicant and
  9. any other information from the interview process not listed above
1. Access in full was granted for the following items: the advertisement, the scoring sheet and the biographies of the successful candidates.
2. Access in part was granted for the following items and were redacted pursuant to Section 12 of the FOI Law as they contained exempt matter: redacted resume report review, redacted Panel Report/recommendation
3. Access was denied for the following items as they are exempt under Section 23 of the FOI Law: resumes of the successful candidates and panel members personal notes.