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Classes of Information

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Office of the Complaints Commissioner

Classes of Information

A Class of Information is a way of collecting together similar types of information. The OCC has grouped its Classes of Information into two broad categories, by functions which reflect the OCC’s major areas of responsibility. If you are intending to make a request, the following classes of information will help you explain more precisely which records you are seeking, or where the information may be found.

Function – Investigation – Investigating, as the result of signed complaints from the public or through an own motion investigation, potential maladministration by government entities. – Monitoring – Where maladministration has been found and recommendations have been made, the OCC follows up with government entities to ensure that they have taken steps to substantially comply with all recommendations. In the event that compliance is not achieved, a Special Report is tabled in the Legislative Assembly making them aware of the entity’s failure to comply.

Function – Administration – Internal support functions which enable the OCC to conduct its business, oversight and management of administrative and financial obligations such as issues relating to human resources including personnel employment records and training, ensuring proper record keeping and compliance with administrative laws of the Cayman Islands Government.

Freedom of Information disclosure log.
Function Activities
  • Inquiries
  • Individual Investigations
  • Own Motion Investigations
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Human Resources
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Training
  • Freedom of Information