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Office of the Complaints Commissioner

An internal complaints review process provides the organisation with an opportunity to assess the level of the quality of the service, and the timeliness of the service, that it provides to the public.  The results of the assessment provide the information required to improve upon the delivery of its services.


An internal complaints process allows the organisation to gain valuable information from the people it serves, and it allows the organisation to improve its reputation. Information given by people complaining comes free of charge and often contains useful criticism.  An organisation that listens, and corrects any errors, will be spoken of well by those who once were dissatisfied. It also will gain the respect of the broader community.


It is the duty of governmental organisations to serve the public. It is the role of civil servants to serve in a kind, courteous and competent manner.  An internal complaints process will aid in achieving these service outcomes. All complaints may have value. Even frivolous complaints, or complaints made in bad faith, can inform management of the challenges faced by employees.


In the final analysis, an internal complaints process ensures that the organisation correctly completes the service, or makes the right decision, and it encourages the communication of reasons for actions.