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Office of the Complaints Commissioner

Our Aim

To investigate in a fair and independent manner complaints against government to ascertain whether injustice has been caused by improper, unreasonable, or inadequate government administrative conduct, and to ascertain the inequitable or unreasonable nature or operation of any enactment or rule of law.


Our Role

The Office of the Complaints Commissioner of the Cayman Islands was created in July 2004 to encourage government departments and agencies to better serve the public. It is an independent Office, which answers only to the Legislative Assembly as a whole through the Speaker. The Complaints Commissioner is an Ombudsman.


Internal Complaints

As part of the OCC's commitment to best serving the needs of our community, we have implemented an Internal Complaints Process (ICP) whereby members of the public, who feel that they have not been treated appropriately by this Office, have an avenue by which they are able to make complaints against the Office and have those concerns addressed. Copies of a leaflet explaining the process and containing a complaint form are available in our reception area or can be downloaded below.